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PART 1 OF 11 - #1 'Deep Green' TV show and Internet Broadcast ! The Television show about 'going green' can be seen in 138 countries just by clicking on: Green Building Sciences Alternative Energy Home Remodel U.S. Govt. Financial Incentives to 'go green'. World-Class Green Building Science EXPERTS ! Film interviews of Experts, Novices & Doers. U. S. Green Building Council (USGBC)& (LEED) Leadership Energy Environmental Design Solar Panels, Wind Turbines, Solar Hot Water. U.S. Government FORMS for every Tax credit, tax deduction, tax deferrment, and out-right CASH REBATE. $30,000.00 Alternative Energy Hardware $20,000.00 100% deductable $10,000.00 $50.00 per month mortgage payment ---------- - $200.00 Utility bill Per month X 30 years ZEH(+)KIT built homes: ZEH = Zero Energy Home (+) = More energy than consumed KIT = Pre-Cut / Site Built 2,000sq.ft/Basement/Pool/$150,000.00 NO HAVAC / NO UTILITY BILL Carbon Foot Print Calculators. Investment FUNDS for GREEN TECHOLOGIES. Part_1 Maryanne DeMarco, Anchor person Introduces a brand new type of Television and Internet Broadcast about 1. U.S. Government Financial FORMS to Go Green 2. The TECHNICAL Building Sciences to Go Green Interviews with 3 types of people: 1. Novices - Mr. LavernSKI - Folks who have questions 2. Experts - Top Building Scientists and Alternative Energy Specialists. 3. Doers - Someone who actually did some of the things the Novices ask and the Experts answer. A 'Chain Of Ignorance' EXISTS among ALL the Professionals YOU rely on to go green. ZEH(+)KIT home - Produces MORE energy than it needs. You can SWAP a $200.00 utility bill for a $50.00 EEM - ENERGY EFFICIENT MORTGAGE payment! INFORMING YOUR WALLET - Jeffery DeMarco finds 67 U.S. Government FORMS to SQUEEZE OUT EVERY PENNY to Go Green Part_2 BalderDash! It's a LIE ! Jeffery DeMarco talks about The MYTHS and MISCONCEPTIONS of GOING GREEN ! Pliny Fisk, III - Green Building Scientist Greened The White House & The Pentagon JOIN: The Ultra-Plinarian Disruption Society Mr. Wizz-ER-Green Tony Grahame, Professor of Green Building Sciences Director - Residential Building Technologies Winner - The RECOGNITION AWARD for the 2008 Excellence In Green Building Curriculum United States Green Building Council Part 3 - Book 'Em Danno! Dan Fairbank FIRST State Of Arizona Government Green Building Specialist Hizz Honor's Green Straight Talk Robert Redford Introduces "The Green Mayor" Jack D. Wilson City Of Prescott, Arizona RIDE TO WORK GREENER !!! Kid's Corner - Kids ask JOHN McCAIN about his Green Energy Policies. Green, House, Building, Alternative Energy, Solar, WInd

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