What Is Carbon Credit?

This is financial adviser Patrick Munro talking about what is carbon credit. There are various companies out there that are large corporations that are in the manufacturing sector and this includes car manufacturing as well that basically use fossil fuels in the process of their transactions. When you build a car and the car uses fossil fuels and has emission, then of course that's a fact of environmental technology. What's happened now in the world of environmental accounting is that if you can build a greener car that uses less carbon, then you of course have a carbon credit available to you. There's monitoring technology that allows for all this and the government is closely rolling out a program to lower emissions and decrease our dependency on fossil fuels. Big manufacturing companies like steel smelters as well are putting filters on their corporations to do that. Generally speaking there's an environmental accounting that goes into the monitoring of these carbon credits and it is exciting technology as we look forward into the new millennium. This is Patrick Munro, financial adviser, talking about what is carbon credit

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